Active Directory

Windows Server 2012 Naming Information cannot be located because: The specified domain either doesn’t exist or could not be contacted. (Applicable to Windows 2016 also)

This solution works for Windows 2016 also šŸ™‚ I met a difficult situation while setting up a DC for a new forest in Windows ServerĀ 2012 . ADDS has been setup and promoted the server as the Domain Controller for the new forest/domain. But none of the AD tools were not able to open, says a […]

Windows Server 2012 GUI went missing after removing features

Today morning I have come across an issue with one of the Windows 2012 machine of my client. The GUI went missing after removing ASP.NET 4.5 and a restart after that. The only thing I can see was the command prompt and the mouse cursor. I have researched on various ways to recover the situation […]

Global Catalog and Infrastructure Master

Infrastructure Master role in Global Catalog Server The infrastructure masterĀ compares objects of the local domain against objects in other domains of the same forest. If the server holding the infrastructure master role isĀ also a global catalog it won’t ever see any differences, since the global catalog holds a partitial copy of every object in the […]