Windows Server 2012 GUI went missing after removing features

Today morning I have come across an issue with one of the Windows 2012 machine of my client. The GUI went missing after removing ASP.NET 4.5 and a restart after that. The only thing I can see was the command prompt and the mouse cursor. I have researched on various ways to recover the situation and finally the following method gave back the GUI

Ran the command from the command prompt and it added the missing GUI features back. After a restart my machine came back online again.

You may also try the following command to restore the GUI back:

Dism /online /enable-feature /all /featurename:Server-Gui-Mgmt /featurename:Server-Gui-Shell /featurename:ServerCore-FullServer


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45 thoughts on “Windows Server 2012 GUI went missing after removing features

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the command but once applied and reboot of server, the server throws error and revert the changes.
    Any clues. I am unable to get the screen back.


  2. Nitin,
    I’m not understanding, what is preventing you to find the solution for this issue. Many users are already told that they are able to see the result

  3. Hello Dear,

    I found user had by mistake removed this feature and looking at your command I installed it back.
    Wow, this worked and I was near to formatting this system

  4. The command above works, but after server reboot, I get Failure configuring the system… message and Reverting the changes back.

    1. Sing,
      I have the same Issue. I removed .Net Framework 4.5, Guid disappeared, run dism commands successfully, after reboot message reverting back, then try with powershell, everething installed, after reboot reverting. I was wondering if you found a solution.

  5. Is it work if server is offline. I removed frame work 4.5 then server lost GUI. Can i use same command to recover GUI?

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